What does an IT manager want for the holidays? Other than a stable internet connection, and some time off, the people responsible for network performance and security know that they need to be on alert for an uptick of attacks occurring over the holidays.   Why is that?   Large scale malicious attacks are often executed over the holidays because IT […]

On launch day for Disney Plus, the dark web lit up with the new Disney accounts for sale. From $3.00 – $11.00, hacked logins were offered (above the price directly from Disney, by the way) for sale in exchange for Bitcoin and Monero! The rollout itself was extremely bumpy without the leaks, but the Disney […]

US Privacy Laws

  This could be the most impactful national cybersecurity and data privacy legislation in the last couple years. Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon introduced this bill, the “Mind Your Own Business” Act. It has three core parts to the bill with each addressing a different need for both the US public and the cybersecurity industry. […]

This release is still beta and is for testing only. We're providing the compiled image but all credit goes to Steev Klimaszewski over at the Kali ARM Build Github page who is actively developing it. IMG RELEASES: Penbook Kali ARM64 eMMC – kali-linux-2019.2-rolling-pinebook_eMMC.img.xz Penbook Kali ARM64 SD – kali-linux-rolling-2019.2-pinebook_SD.img.xz NOTE: To enable the built in […]