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Wawa Credit Card Data Breach Part 2 – Is Your Data Secure?

The Wawa credit card data breach is one of the worst retail failures of data security in recent history.  Last week we reported on the consumer side of the Wawa credit card data breach that, as far as we can tell, affected every single swiped payment card between March and December 2019. In a nutshell, Wawa discovered […]

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DoD: Major TikTok Exploit!

The US Department of Defense issued multiple warnings for all US Military personnel this month; banning the viral Chinese social media app TikTok! Due to various threats of data leakage, Chinese Communist Party censorship and the potential for exploits, the DoD has demanded that all government-issued smartphones have the application removed immediately, and monitor their personal phones and their family members' devices for unusual and unsolicited texts, calls, direct messages and emails. Air Force Lt. Col. Uriah […]

Five Ways to Survive a Holiday Attack!

What does an IT manager want for the holidays? Other than a stable internet connection, and some time off, the people responsible for network performance and security know that they need to be on alert for an uptick of attacks occurring over the holidays.   Why is that?   Large scale malicious attacks are often executed over the holidays because IT […]

Disney Plus: The Most Magical Leak on Earth!

On launch day for Disney Plus, the dark web lit up with the new Disney accounts for sale. From $3.00 – $11.00, hacked logins were offered (above the price directly from Disney, by the way) for sale in exchange for Bitcoin and Monero! The rollout itself was extremely bumpy without the leaks, but the Disney […]