Kali Penbook – Kali 2019 on $99 Pinebook 1080P

This release is still beta and is for testing only. We're providing the compiled image but all credit goes to Steev Klimaszewski over at the Kali ARM Build Github page who is actively developing it.


NOTE: To enable the built in wireless after flashing you must run the command below to compile the wireless driver from source:

cd /usr/src/rtl8723cs && dkms install .

The files provided above are for educational purposes only, use them at your own risk!

Kali Penbook

There are plenty known bugs with this release (more broken than what's working), if you want to report any you can do so on the project github page.

What works?

  • Kali on ARM64, – Basic functionality
  • Wireless (with post install compile command, no Monitor mode)
  • Boot from SD and eMMC

What doesn't work?