The Meaning Behind GoVanguard

Our branding is based on our vision for the company, standing strong at the forefront of security and technology. To stay an industry leader in these rapidly changing fields, we keep our tools, techniques, and processes honed while always looking for improvements wherever possible.


The analogy of white hat information security specialists as the soldiers of the cyber world, battling  malicious software, advanced persistent threats, and state actors is a common one. In many conflicts throughout history, the best soldiers would make up the vanguard, standing strong despite overwhelming odds and inspiring the ranks behind them, eventually turning the tide of the battle.

Vanguard stood out to us as the word that most accurately captures what we do as a company.  It can mean:

  1. The foremost division or the front part of an army.
  2. The forefront in any movement, field, activity, or the like.
  3. The leaders of any intellectual or political movement.

GoVanguard lives up to our name for each definition.


Our logo consists of three distinct elements:

  • The uppermost symbol is a G, formed from the universal icon for a power button.
  • The arrow underneath stands for the V in Vanguard, and forms a GPS navigation arrow.
  • The shield that surrounds both is a symbol of protection, strength, and fortitude.

Together they resemble a person surrounded by a protective shield, a constant reminder to ourselves and others that our company is people focused, dedicated to protecting our customers.

The power button for a head indicates a turning on and empowering of the mind of our customers as we teach them how to take care of themselves online.

The GPS navigation arrow represents the direction and guidance that we offer as we lead the charge against malicious actors worldwide.

The shield around the person illustrates our deep commitment keeping the people and companies we care about safe in the ever-worsening battle of the cyber world.