Continuous Security Testing with Actionable Results

Spearhead transforms yesterday’s broken one-time snapshot security model into an integrated risk management engine.

Network Penetration Testing

Web App Security Testing

Wireless Penetration Testing

Cloud Security Analysis

IOT Security Testing

Container Security Scanning

Endpoint Vulnerability Analysis

Threat Intelligence Data

Mobile App Security Testing

Risk Assessment Data

  • Manage the Security Posture of Different Systems, Apps and Locations

  • Manage the Security Posture of Different Systems, Apps and Locations

  • Get Historical Insight into Tests and Remediation Efforts

  • Easily Manage Security Findings with Robust Filters and Bulk Editing

  • Get Compliance Insight for NIST, CSA CCM, ISO27001 and More

  • Track, Schedule and Manage Security Tests and Assessments

  • Simply Generate Highly Customizable PDF Reports

  • Granular Security Notifications for Email, Slack and Microsoft Teams

  • Full Featured REST API for Customizations and Integrations

Advantages of Spearhead

  • Faster Time to Risk Remediation

    Spearhead allows organizations to quickly find, prioritize, and remediate security risks so product releases can be pushed out faster.

  • Backed By an A+ Security Team

    Spearhead is created and supported by a team of security engineers in the USA with decades of industry expertise.

  • 360 Degree View of Security

    Spearhead integrates with the top commercial and open source security tools across penetration testing, web app testing, mobile app testing, code analysis and more to provide a single pane of glass experience.

  • Adaptable & Scalable

    Spearhead has a robust REST API that can adapt to even the most complex ecosytems.

  • Always Up To Date

    Spearhead is up to date with the latest MITRE CVE, CPE and CWE data as well as ongoing threat intelligence data.

  • Manage Compliance With Standards and Regulations

    Spearhead helps teams manage their compliance with security frameworks like NIST CSF, NIST 800-83, CSA CCM and ISO27001 as well as regulations like SOC2 TSC, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and more.

  • Robust Reporting and Tracking

    Spearhead has an easy to use, highly customizable report generator that outputs both HTML and PDFs. Furthermore, Spearhead supports bidirectionally syncing security findings into JIRA.

  • Collaborative

    Spearhead allows teammates to collaborate and schedule security projects within the dashboard. Furthermore, Spearhead can send notifications via email, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

  • Automate Response and Remediation

    Spearhead connects to Zapier and Microsoft Flow to allow teams to create automated DevSecOps processes.

  • Cost Effective

    Spearhead helps reduce redudant commerical security tools as well as help eliminiate tedious security tasks which saves money on licensing and labor.


Integrated Tools

Spearhead Integrates into Any Security Stack.

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