Multiple Yokogawa products that contain Vnet/IP Open Communication Driver (CENTUM CS 3000(R3.05.00 – R3.09.50), CENTUM CS 3000 Entry Class(R3.05.00 – R3.09.50), CENTUM VP(R4.01.00 – R6.03.10), CENTUM VP Entry Class(R4.01.00 – R6.03.10), Exaopc(R3.10.00 – R3.75.00), PRM(R2.06.00 – R3.31.00), ProSafe-RS(R1.02.00 – R4.02.00), FAST/TOOLS(R9.02.00 – R10.02.00), B/M9000 VP(R6.03.01 – R8.01.90)) allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service attack that may result in stopping Vnet/IP Open Communication Driver's communication via unspecified vectors.