Anomali Labs recently analyzed a large number of weaponized RTF phishing files related to APT groups aligned with Chinese and Indian state interests. This analysis has identified a shared object dimension and shared obfuscation methods across weaponized RTF files utilized by the APT groups known as Sidewinder (Indian State Interests), Goblin Panda/Conimes (Chinese State Interests), Temp.Periscope/ APT40 / Leviathan (Chinese State Interests), and Temp.Trident / Dagger Panda & Nomad Panda / Icefog (Chinese State Interests). Both unique object dimensions and multiple shared obfuscation methods are visible in the RTF files which appear to be artifacts of a shared RTF phishing weaponizer. In addition to shared RTF properties, a distinct pattern of post-exploitation TTP’s is shared between the APT groups aligned with China, whereas a unique post-exploitation execution chain can be seen in Sidewinder APT campaigns.