Chinese W12scan is a network asset discovery engine that can automatically aggregate related assets for analysis and use. Here is a web source program, but the scanning end is at w12scan-client Thinking Based on python3 + django + elasticsearch + redis and use the web restful api to add scan targets. Feature Web Powerful search syntax Search for cms, service, titles, country regions, etc., to quickly find relevant targets. title=“abc” # Search from the title header=“abc” # Search from http header body=“123” # Search from body text url = “*” # Search for subdomains of ip = ‘’ # Search from IP,support ‘' and ‘192.168.1.*' port = ‘80’ # Search form port app = ’nginx’ # Search application country = ‘cn’ # Search from country service = ‘mysql’ # Search from service bug = ‘xx' # Search from Vulnerability Custom assert By customizing a company-related domain name or ip asset, w12scan will automatically help you find the corresponding asset target. When you browse the target, there is a prominent logo to remind you of the target's ownership. Automatic association Enter the target details. If the target is ip, all domain names on the ip and all domain names on the c class will be automatically associated. If the target is a domain name, the adjacent station, segment c and subdomain are automatically associated. Multi-node management WEB will check the status of the node every few minutes, you can see the number of node scans and the node scan log. Task restful Provides an interface to add tasks, you can add it on the WEB side or integrate it in any software. Scanning end Poc Call the latest poc script online via airbug Built-in scan script Common vulnerability verification service built into the scanner. Scanning Use masscan,nmap,wappalyzer,w11scan Easy to distribute This is taken into account in the design of the program architecture. It is very easy to distribute and run the scan terminal directly on another machine. It also can be distributed based on docker, celery service. Installation Quickly build an environment with docker git clone cd w12scan docker-compose up -d Wait a while to visit Telegram Group Telegram Group: Download W12Scan