A tool which helps you embedding UAC-Bypassing function into your custom Win32 payloads ( x86_64 architecture specifically ) Tested on Windows 7,8,10 ( 64bit) Free and Open-sourced with full source codes published Tutorial Requirements: | Linux | Windows —|—|— Architecture | Optional | x86_64 Python 3.x > | YES | NO Module | termcolor | NO Distros | Any | Windows Version | Any | Windows 7,8,10 Usage: [ Linux ]: This tool does require a python module called termcolor . When you run the script it will automatically install it if you haven't, but if you want the tool to function faster, i would suggest you doing it manually before proceeding $ pip3 install termcolor #installing termcolor $ #Temporary usage only, installation below $ git clone $ cd SneakyEXE/Linux $ chmod +x $ ./sneakyexe = out= visit Download the repository, “clone or download” -> “Download ZIP” Unzip it into your optional directory Change dir to SneakyEXEWin32 Execute sneakyexe.exe ( or syssneakyexe.exe for an improved startup speed ) ( Optional : you can copy sneakyexe.exe to whatever directory you want and delete the unzipped one ) NOTE – The payload can only be successfully executed by the user with Administrator privilege. Users with limited token wouldn't succeed. Installation: $ git clone $ cd SneakyEXE $ chmod +x $ sudo ./ UNAVAILABLE ( Soon will if many people demand ) Build: Built on Opensuse Leap 15.0 Developed using Python 3.6.5 Developed with gcc ( GCC-8.2.0-3) 8.2.0 for the payload compilation [ Payload Embedding ] In order to build the elevator from source, you will need gcc gcc 8.2.0 ( c11 ) and a AMD64 machine with Windows 10(7/8) 64-bit installed. Windows 10/7/8 (AMD64) Open cmd.exe / powershell.exe gcc -mwindows -o .exe /source/main.c [ GUI Version ] In order to build the GUI version from source, you will need Python 3.5.6 ( or higher ) with modules like Pyinstaller , Pillow and a AMD64 machine with Windows 10 (7/8) 64-bit installed. Assume we already had Python preinstalled Open cmd.exe / powershell.exe pip install pillow # Installing Pillow pip install pyinstaller # Installing Pyinstaller mkdir compile # Optional directory name cd compile pyinstaller –windowed –onefile –icon=Icon.ico /source/Win32/ # For sysematic version ( /sys ), remove –onefile cd dist GUI.exe # The compiled executable :} Disclaimer: This tool was made for academic purposes or ethical cases only. I ain't taking any resposibility upon your actions if you abuse this tool for any black-hat acitivity Feel free to use this project in your software, just don't reclaim the ownerhsip . Release: v0.9 beta Credits: This tool does embed UACme which was originally coded by hfiref0x but the rest was pretty much all coded by me ( Zenix Blurryface ) hfiref0x –> Author: Copyright © 2019 by Zenix Blurryface Download SneakyEXE