Welcome to CommandoVM – a fully customized, Windows-based security distribution for penetration testing and red teaming. Installation (Install Script) Requirements Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 10 60 GB Hard Drive 2 GB RAM Recommended Windows 10 80+ GB Hard Drive 4+ GB RAM 2 network adapters Enable Virtualization support for VM Instructions Create and configure a new Windows Virtual Machine Ensure VM is updated completely. You may have to check for updates, reboot, and check again until no more remain Take a snapshot of your machine! Download and copy install.ps1 on your newly configured machine. Open PowerShell as an Administrator Enable script execution by running the following command: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Finally, execute the installer script as follows: .install.ps1 You can also pass your password as an argument: .install.ps1 -password The script will set up the Boxstarter environment and proceed to download and install the Commando VM environment. You will be prompted for the administrator password in order to automate host restarts during installation. If you do not have a password set, hitting enter when prompted will also work. Installing a new package Commando VM uses the Chocolatey Windows package manager. It is easy to install a new package. For example, enter the following command as Administrator to deploy Github Desktop on your system: cinst github Staying up to date Type the following command to update all of the packages to the most recent version: cup all Installed Tools Active Directory Tools Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) SQL Server Command Line Utilities Sysinternals Command & Control Covenant PoshC2 WMImplant WMIOps Developer Tools Dep Git Go Java Python 2 Python 3 (default) Ruby Ruby Devkit Visual Studio 2017 Build Tools (Windows 10) Visual Studio Code Evasion CheckPlease Demiguise DefenderCheck DotNetToJScript Invoke-CradleCrafter Invoke-DOSfuscation Invoke-Obfuscation Invoke-Phant0m Not PowerShell (nps) PS>Attack PSAmsi Pafishmacro PowerLessShell PowerShdll StarFighters Exploitation ADAPE-Script API Monitor CrackMapExec CrackMapExecWin DAMP EvilClippy Exchange-AD-Privesc FuzzySec's PowerShell-Suite FuzzySec's Sharp-Suite Generate-Macro GhostPack Rubeus SafetyKatz Seatbelt SharpDPAPI SharpDump SharpRoast SharpUp SharpWMI GoFetch Impacket Invoke-ACLPwn Invoke-DCOM Invoke-PSImage Invoke-PowerThIEf Juicy Potato Kali Binaries for Windows LuckyStrike MetaTwin Metasploit Mr. Unikod3r's RedTeamPowershellScripts NetshHelperBeacon Nishang Orca PSReflect PowerLurk PowerPriv PowerSploit PowerUpSQL PrivExchange RottenPotatoNG Ruler SharpClipHistory SharpExchangePriv SharpExec SpoolSample SharpSploit UACME impacket-examples-windows vssown Vulcan Information Gathering ADACLScanner ADExplorer ADOffline ADRecon BloodHound dnsrecon FOCA Get-ReconInfo GoBuster GoWitness NetRipper Nmap PowerView Dev branch included SharpHound SharpView SpoolerScanner Watson Networking Tools Citrix Receiver OpenVPN Proxycap PuTTY Telnet VMWare Horizon Client VMWare vSphere Client VNC-Viewer WinSCP Windump Wireshark Password Attacks ASREPRoast CredNinja DomainPasswordSpray DSInternals Get-LAPSPasswords Hashcat Internal-Monologue Inveigh Invoke-TheHash KeeFarce KeeThief LAPSToolkit MailSniper Mimikatz Mimikittenz RiskySPN SessionGopher Reverse Engineering DNSpy Flare-Floss ILSpy PEview Windbg x64dbg Utilities 7zip Adobe Reader AutoIT Cmder CyberChef Explorer Suite Gimp Greenshot Hashcheck Hexchat HxD Keepass MobaXterm Mozilla Thunderbird Neo4j Community Edition Notepad++ Pidgin Process Hacker 2 SQLite DB Browser Screentogif Shellcode Launcher Sublime Text 3 TortoiseSVN VLC Media Player Winrar yEd Graph Tool Vulnerability Analysis AD Control Paths Egress-Assess Grouper2 NtdsAudit PwndPasswordsNTLM zBang Web Applications Burp Suite Fiddler Firefox OWASP Zap Subdomain-Bruteforce Wfuzz Wordlists FuzzDB PayloadsAllTheThings SecLists Probable-Wordlists RobotsDisallowed Changelog: 1.3 – June 28 2019 Added RottenPotatoNG #63 Added Juicy Potato #63, #64 Added Watson #64 Added PwndPasswordsNTLM #67 Added FOCA #71 Added Vulcan Added SharpClipHistory Added NetRipper Added RobotsDisallowed Added Probable-Wordlists Added SharpSploit Changed WinRM configuration #65 Un-hardened UNC file paths #68 Fixed install issues with Covenant #61, #76 1.2 – May 31 2019 Added recommended hardware settings #20, #17 Added DomainPasswordSpray #2 Added GoBuster #39 Added Wfuzz #40 Added Notepad++ #30 Added TextFX plugin for Notepad++ Added Explorer Suite (CFF Explorer) 1.1 – April 30 2019 Added AD-Control-Paths Added DefenderCheck Added dnsrecon Added EvilClippy Added NtdsAudit Added SharpExec Added Subdomain-Bruteforce Fixed issue #18 with PATH Added Commando Logos with transparent backgrounds to $HomePictures Pinned Firefox to Taskbar Fixed misspellings in Readme #42/#43 Added Ruby and Ruby Devkit #1 Updated Rubeus package to current version (1.4.2) #31 1.0.2 – April 10 2019 Added missing ‘seclists.fireeye' package to packages.json #38 1.0.1 – March 31 2019 Used https instead of http to install boxstarter #10 Download Commando-Vm