This is an extension for Burp Suite designed to help you launch HTTP Request Smuggling attacks, originally created during HTTP Desync Attacks research. It supports scanning for Request Smuggling vulnerabilities and also aids exploitation by handling cumbersome offset-tweaking for you. Install The easiest way to install this is in Burp Suite, via Extender -> BApp Store. If you prefer to load the jar manually, in Burp Suite (community or pro), use Extender -> Extensions -> Add to load build/libs/http-request-smuggler-all.jar Compile Turbo Intruder is a dependency of this project, add it to the root of this source tree as turbo-intruder-all.jar Build with gradle fatJar Use Right click on a request and click ‘Launch Desync probe', then watch the extension's output pane under Extender->Extensions->HTTP Request Smuggler If you're using Burp Pro, any findings will also be reported as scan issues. For more advanced use watch the video . Practice We've released free online labs to practise against . Download Http-Request-Smuggler