The story of how we conquered WiryJMPer’s obfuscation begins with a simple binary file posing as an ABBC Coin wallet. We found the file suspicious, as the file size was three-times as big as it should be, and the strings in the file corresponded to other software WinBin2Iso (version 3.16) from SoftwareOK. ABBC Coin (originally Alibaba Coin, not affiliated with Alibaba Group) is an altcoin, one of many blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. WinBin2Iso, on the other hand, is software that converts various binary images of CD/DVD/Blu-ray media into the ISO format. Behavioral analysis revealed that the binary, posing as an ABBC Coin wallet, is a dropper, which we will, from now on, refer to as WiryJMPer. WiryJMPer hides a Netwire payload between two benign binaries.