According to US-Cert, Iran has been an active adversary since late 2011 and has been responsible for a series of attacks including some large-scale distributed denial-of-service attacks against financial institutions, infiltration of a dam in New York state, and the destructive attacks against targets regionally and globally, including the large-scale Shamoon campaigns and the recent ZeroCleare wipers. They have also conducted a series of espionage campaigns against universities and companies to steal research, proprietary data, and intellectual property. Additionally, Talos has found several large-scale campaigns based in the region that have included attacks against DNS infrastructure and those leveraging watering hole and social engineering techniques. Since the actors are active in the region DNSpionage, Muddywater, and Tortoiseshell will be included in the coverage list below.

T1003 – Credential DumpingT1027 – Obfuscated Files or InformationT1002 – Data CompressedT1086 – PowerShellT1204 – User ExecutionT1064 – ScriptingT1060 – Registry Run Keys / Startup FolderT1105 – Remote File CopyT1192 – Spearphishing LinkT1193 – Spearphishing Attachment