Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Data Center versions starting from version 3.0.0 before version 5.16.11, from version 6.0.0 before 6.0.11, from version 6.1.0 before 6.1.9, from version 6.2.0 before 6.2.7, from version 6.3.0 before 6.3.6, from version 6.4.0 before 6.4.4, from version 6.5.0 before 6.5.3, from version 6.6.0 before 6.6.3, from version 6.7.0 before 6.7.3, from version 6.8.0 before 6.8.2, and from version 6.9.0 before 6.9.1 had a Remote Code Execution vulnerability via certain user input fields. A remote attacker with user level permissions can exploit this vulnerability to run arbitrary commands on the victim's systems. Using a specially crafted payload as user input, the attacker can execute arbitrary commands on the victim's Bitbucket Server or Bitbucket Data Center instance.