BladeHawk Attackers Target Kurds with Android Apps

Attackers have been targeting the Kurdish ethic group for more than a year through an Facebook-based spyware campaign that disguises backdoors in legitimate Android apps, researchers have found. A group called BladeHawk is behind the campaign, discovered by researchers from cybersecurity firm ESET and active since at least March 2020, according to a report published this week. The campaign disguises the 888 RAT in Android apps using dedicated Facebook profiles, researchers aid. “These profiles appeared to be providing Android news in Kurdish, and news for the Kurds’ supporters,” ESET malware researcher Lukas Stefanko wrote in the report, published Wednesday. “Some of the profiles deliberately spread additional spying apps to Facebook public groups with pro-Kurd content.” All in all, researchers identified six profiles as part of the BladeHawk campaign, which have been sharing the Android spying apps and targeted about 11,000 followers through 28 unique posts. The profiles have been reported to Facebook and since disabled, Stefanko said. Each of these posts in the campaign contained fake app descriptions and links to download an app, according to the post. Researches downloaded 17 unique Android application packages (APKs) from these links, some of which pointed directly to the malicious apps. “Two of the profiles were aimed at tech users, while the other four posed as Kurd supporters,” he wrote. “All these profiles were created in 2020 and shortly after creation they…