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Please join us for a new weekly video series, hosted by Baker McKenzie’s North America Government Enforcement partners Tom Firestone and Jerome Tomas.

This weekly briefing is available on demand and will cover hot topics and current enforcement actions related to white collar crime and criminal investigations in the US and abroad to arm you with the information you need to start your business week.

As one of the largest global law firms, we will call upon our exceptionally deep and broad bench of white collar experts throughout the world and particularly in the commercial hubs of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America to join our weekly discussion series.

These briefings will cover:

  • High-profile DOJ case updates and implications
  • SEC enforcement developments 
  • CFTC enforcement developments
  • Other white collar defense industry developments 

Date: 30 August 2021

This week’s discussion will cover the following: 

  • Organized crime charges in new elder abuse case
  • Novel SEC Insider Trading Action — Shadow Trading — SEC v. Matthew Panuwa
  • Quick blurb on 18 year old and under crackdown on video game playing in China
  • SEC v. MANISH LACHWANI – The SEC’s Enforcement Focus on Unicorns

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