Starlink Successfully Hacked Using $25 Modchip

A Belgian security researcher has successfully hacked the SpaceX operated Starlink satellite-based internet system using a homemade circuit board that cost around $25 to develop, he revealed at Black Hat. Lennert Wouters revealed a voltage fault injection attack on a Starlink User Terminal (UT)—or satellite dish people use to access the system – that allowed him to break into the dish and explore the Starlink network from there, he revealed in a presentation called “Glitched on Earth by Humans” at the annual ethical hacker conference this week. Wouters physically stripped down a satellite dish he purchased and created the custom board, or modchip, that can be attached to the Starlink dish, according to a report on Wired about his presentation on Wednesday. He developed the tool using low-cost, off-the-shelf parts and was able to use it to obtain root access by glitching the Starlink UT security operations center bootrom, according to a tweet previewing the presentation that he said was sent through a rooted Starlink UT. To design the modchip, Wouters scanned the Starlink dish and created the design to fit over the existing Starlink board. He soldered the modchip—comprised of a Raspberry Pi microcontroller, flash storage, electronic switches and a voltage regulator–to the existing Starlink PCB and connected it using a few wires, according to the report. ‘Unfixable Compromise’ Once attached to the Starlink dish, the tool launched a fault injection attack to temporarily short…