Hacked Ring Cams Used to Record Swatting Victims

Photo: BrandonKleinPhoto / Shutterstock.com Two U.S. men have been charged with hacking into the Ring home security cameras of a dozen random people and then "swatting" them — falsely reporting a violent incident at the target's address to trick local police into responding with force. Prosecutors say the duo used the compromised Ring devices to stream live video footage on social media of police raiding their targets' homes, and to taunt authorities when they arrived. Prosecutors in Los Angeles allege 20-year-old James Thomas Andrew McCarty, a.k.a. "Aspertaine," of Charlotte, N.C., and Kya Christian Nelson, a.k.a. "ChumLul," 22, of Racine, Wisc., conspired to hack into Yahoo email accounts belonging to victims in the United States. From there, the two allegedly would check how many of those Yahoo accounts were associated with Ring accounts, and then target people who used the same password for both accounts. An indictment unsealed this week says that in the span of just one week in November 2020, McCarty and Nelson identified and swatted at least a dozen different victims across the country. "The defendants then allegedly accessed without authorization the victims' Ring devices and transmitted the audio and video from those devices on social media during the police response," reads a statement from Martin Estrada, the U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California. "They also allegedly verbally taunted responding police officers and victims through the Ring devices…