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Our Most Popular Services

Black Box Network Penetration Testing

GoVanguard’s Black Box Network Penetration Testing attempts to identify and exploit perimeter vulnerabilities within your cloud, network and server infrastructure.

Our process involves chaining several specifically tailored exploits and attacks together to gain privileged access to network systems and confidential data.


 Threat Intelligence

GoVanguard’s threat intelligence services accelerate the transformation of information system data into actionable threat intelligence by combining external and internal data sources for context and prioritization.

Our threat intelligence services deliver comprehensive, actionable intelligence that allows you to understand attackers’ intent and quickly prioritize threats.


White Box Network Penetration Testing

GoVanguard’s White Box Network Penetration Testing attempts to identify technical, architectural and logical design vulnerabilities that contribute to the risk profile of your organization’s information systems.

Our process utilizes both OWASP v4 and PTES guidelines, which results in a robust testing framework that spans over 80+ testing procedures.


Social Engineering Testing

GoVanguard’s Social Engineering Testing goes beyond amateur spear phishing testing and attempts to emulate a moderately sophisticated malicious actor who is trying to stealthily manipulate your organization’s employees into unknowingly allowing unauthorized access to sensitive corporate information via multiple avenues (both remotely and/or in person).


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